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Bianco Black Diamond Pick

Bianco Guitars announces the release of the Bianco Black Diamond Pick which features a proprietary blend of metals designed to enhance your natural guitar tones. Bianco Black Diamond Picks where created out of a desire for natural tone and for a pick that would glide smooth and fast over strings, which would also last a life time. I have actually experimented for years with all different types of picks and the end result, the Bianco Black Diamond Pick. Smooth, fast, natural, and futuristic. Because of our design and the type of metal we use, Bianco Black Diamond Picks cause your tone to be natural because of the natural combination of the metals themselves, your strings, and the pick, working together.  Our design even causes you to grip and keep the pick perfect between your fingers. Even the weight was designed to counter balance the strumming and picking motion of your hand. I could not stop using the prototype. You may never use a plastic pick again either. When I tested a traditional pick after initially using our prototype I noticed a big different in negative drag with traditional picks and how they needed much more effort to use. I have no desire to use a traditional plastic pick anymore. The number one question is; What about wearing out my strings? Because of the patent pending design and the metals we use, Bianco Black Diamond Picks do not break or wear out strings. Our picks have been tested for weeks of playing and they do not break or wear out strings. From the metals they are made of for capturing natural tone, to the design for maximum comfort and grip, it has all been thought out and tested with great care for many years of  excellent tone, speed, and durability.
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